[unofficial from alessandro] thank you.

It’s been exactly 4 years since i joined Nine Inch Nails and the time has come for me to move onto new things.
I feel a need to explore other paths in music and life which leads me to leave the tour at this stage.
I am grateful of the chance i was given: it doesn’t happen every day to be able to work next to some of the most talented people on this planet.

Trent & Co. have been aware of this decision of mine for a while now and are prepared to take the band to the next step.

Thanks to all the fans who welcomed me at the beginning of my journey and supported me through the years: I hope to see you around here or there.



taken from alessandro’s blog @ blindoldfreak.com
the same text is on modwheelmood’s myspace blog.


19 thoughts on “[unofficial from alessandro] thank you.

  1. Francisco O.

    Thanks Alessandro
    For your work, performance, etc.
    I was at the Santiago show in the Arena, awesome, and also at the Luna Park show in Buenos Aires 2005, i was very excited for this new incarnation of NIN and of course for seeing NIN live for the first time since 1995, when i discovered NIN.
    Thanks for your effort and for being part of the best one man show live band in the universe.
    Take care and I’m expecting your new work.

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  3. amanda

    no you can’t go but if you have to .more modwheelmood please and good luck your great solo. i’ll miss you your such a hottie. again good luck

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  5. peefer

    mr. cortini, thanks for the amazing shows! i got to see you with NIN 7 times, and i wish there were more…
    good luck in all you do!

  6. K_____

    Thanks for your effort throughout these 4 years, Ally! Although you are going to leave the live band, Modwheelmood is still in the top favourite list of mine! See you around next time somewhere! Bless you and wish you everything the best!

    (Yeah by the way, I would really like to collect physical releases of Modwheelmood. Please please please think about it! I don’t mind if they’ll be vinyls or CDs! 😀 )

    (One more by the way, Hong Kong is really a nice place to visit AGAIN and play live, so please please please think about them too! Haha :D)

  7. Karina

    Ok, first of all, why? Secondly, WHY!? :O

    Good luck in all you do in the future, Mr. Cortini. You have earned yourself a fan in me, and I will be listening. 🙂

  8. Robocop

    too bad… yeah, we´re all so egoist… but I´m very happy for you and for all your projects. Just hoping to hear more of modwheelmood very soon or any kind of new fresh music from the genius that you are.
    Thanks for all, we´re all going to miss you..

    Good luck and keep rocking, and my best wishes for you!

  9. Thalie

    No please Alessandro dont go… until I see you playing with NiN……no…. ok, you can leave but promise you’ll come back… come on…

  10. Jim

    Alessandro, THANK YOU for your time spent with Trent & co… loved seeing you in Atlanta… I read about when Trent had auditions, and you had just started your yours, and Trent said something like “That’s Him.”

    I know, at times, we all need to move on, but your presence has been felt and appreciated. I wish you the best, and I know that I’m fortunate enough to have not only heard your work, but seen and felt it as well. My Best to you.

  11. Void

    Buona fortuna Alex… so hmm are you going to do a selection for a replacement or you already have it? … (maybe you need another italian there :P)

  12. GEE

    ill be seeing you around maybe… when ever mwm tour 🙂 I wanna meet you someday and thank you personaly for everything you did 😀


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