2008: completed.


The LIGHTS IN THE SKY era has come to a close, and I’d like to once again thank you for your support. I am very proud of what we pulled off – it was an immense amount of work and worth it all.
I’d like to thank Josh and Alessandro for being an integral part of this for the last few years and I wish them all the best.

No rest for the wicked here, though. We start rehearsing the new band/format first thing next year and as I mentioned, we’ll be announcing some final waves of dates. North America, UK/Europe, Pacific Rim and elsewhere.

Oh yeah – we may have a small holiday gift for you soon. Check back.

posted by trent reznor at 11:51am

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added by dori: watch this interview where trent talks about his plans for next year. thanks to the other trent from pink is the new blog!


26 thoughts on “2008: completed.

  1. cherry_twist

    where else in the pacific rim are you going? which festivals in europe? glastonbury? that’d be wicked! argh so many questions! please post them up soon so i can figure out my travel plan! and looking forward to the christmas gift! he he 😀

  2. madamehaha

    Thanks for everything Trent! How about playing @ The Britt in Southern Oregon this summer, it is beautiful outdoor amphitheatre!

  3. Melissa Joy

    I wrote Santa asking for a theatrical release of LITS and a DVD to happen somehow…oh and a Ghosts shirt in girl sizes

  4. peefer

    Thanks for an amazing tour! i was lucky to see you guys a couple of times this year and what can i say? this tour is THE BEST SHOW i’ve ever seen! see you next year!

  5. caro

    to Xmas,i want a tour in Europe(particularly France)! thank you! and it’s one of most beautiful tour pictures!

  6. elizabeth

    What a great little interview w/Trent and pinkTrent. So casual, really enjoyed that. I want a new house for 2009! and some dogs…gotta dream big 😉

  7. sweetachica

    I’m sure you’re exhausted so thanks for planning a tour in the US.
    I watched that beautiful interview footage and I’m excited.

    You can get lots of rest and save yourselves some driving if you just come to Miami during Spring Break, everyone from up north flocks down here, and there are a lot of smaller intimate places to perform.
    Just picture sand between your toes.

    Besides, it’s gorgeous here and I missed you guys……so pleeeeeeeeeease think about coming here!!!

    Have a BLESSED and safe Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  8. cherry_twist

    haha sorry, i just have to say this but “sweetachica” is a pretty sweet name! way creative! LOL 😀

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