I didn’t forget


Remember that gift I mentioned?
It’s almost here.

posted by trent reznor at 4:18pm

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16 thoughts on “I didn’t forget

  1. VictorV

    it will be something recorded live?

    it will be something to run on our laptops/desktops?


  2. triinity

    Oh thank god, I was so sick of the whiners! The fact that he gives a crap enough about his fans to even suggest a “present” is awesome! I’m sooooooooooooo excited!!!!

  3. Marko

    The Lights in the Sky Tour’s visual show was captivating, hopefully those who didnt get to see will be graced with quality video from the tour and not the you tube stuff! Keeping fingers crossed! Thanks Trent, you have seperated yourself from the pack by a mile!

  4. mistake

    I was wondering…now I’m not. Cool as hell. Something to look forward to now that I’m back in the daily grind of the office.

  5. piratejenny

    Something about “I didn’t forget” just makes me grin every time I see it . . . which is often, because I keep checking back 🙂


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