a look at something else that’s been going on, pt 4


posted by trent reznor at 10:22am

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added by dori: yep, it’s dave navarro. and he explains what they’re doing here (thanks, guilty!).


16 thoughts on “a look at something else that’s been going on, pt 4

  1. k.

    if people don’t realize that jane’s addiction is recording with trent than i don’t know what they are thinking….

  2. dans

    something i’d like to be in the middle of, but that’s neither here nor there.

    looking forward to this collision. \m/ (0.o)\m/

  3. cerejinha

    Well he worked with Trent before in Further Down The Spiral on the song Piggy… maybe another new project.
    it would be nice

  4. mistake

    I was under the impression that Rick Rubin called Dave in to add some guitar overdubs on top of what Rick was doing with “Piggy”. And if memory serves me correctly, I don’t know that Trent was all that impressed with it. No matter.

  5. Mattnh

    I say; “Hell Yeah!”.
    Two great bands in one sweaty studio.
    You propably could sell the smell.
    Keep up the good work, guys.

  6. In the closet man

    I am not gay but I would love to be the cheese in a Dave Navarro and Trent Reznor sandwich……

  7. Renee

    My best friend just sent me lots of Trent Reznor photos, now I’ll never get to sleep tonight for admirng him. Talented, incredibly attractive, personality- I’m far too impressed! As they say, If I were 20 years younger, sigh…


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