Day off, headed to the beach


posted by trent reznor at 4:08pm (new zealand)

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14 thoughts on “Day off, headed to the beach

  1. Sarasvati Fautheree

    oi, i think you guys SHOULD go anyway. a rainy day is the perfect time to go to the beach. no burn, and all those people who think they look much better in their bikinis than they really do (and who therefore feel the need to preen and/or make comments about the rest of us) are cowering inside. you could do that thing the romantic poets did, and look for the sublime in the power of the storm.

    on the other hand…watch out for the lightning

  2. jane

    At least it is not fire or shit loud of ice and snow. There is still people cleaning up and it’s being about three weeks since the ice cover winter wonderland in the southen states. Of course, it is summer down in New Zealand.

  3. DaybeD

    I know I just thought it was hilarious I love TR ha ha I love how the same author of the article was having troubles deciding to laugh


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