Head Like A Hole


posted by rob at 1:47am (auckland, new zealand)

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10 thoughts on “Head Like A Hole

  1. Chris

    Neat setlist, I can’t wait to see how they switch it up. Also, sorry to that they didn’t play the encore =(

  2. Sam

    I was there last night and it was great! Probably the one and only time I will ever see Nine Inch Nails, and so worth it.

  3. cherry_twist

    @lil_wish! lol, dont worry, didnt trent say on his interview that he is stopping by europe? now, is he coming to Asia???? he didnt mention that, dammit! 😦

  4. lil_wish

    @ cherry_twist – promises, promises.
    of course I hope to see some European tour dates but it won’t be nice to discover that concerts are nowhere near my country.
    btw, greetings from my lost island (Poland:))

  5. cherry_twist

    @ lil_wish wow you’re all the way from poland! it’s so good to know NIN fans are really from all over the world! NIN fans everywhere should plan a reunion/get-together somewhere! lol here’s hoping NIN will come to our parts of the world! *cheers* 🙂


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