Dawn of a new (h)era…


posted by rob at 12:25am (brisbane, australia)

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17 thoughts on “Dawn of a new (h)era…

  1. ears

    remove the wording from the picture, then tell me if it makes sense and gets you to think of hair.
    i bet my paycheck it wont.

  2. Pearl B.

    It makes sense to me… JMJ cut his hair, which usually signifies a new beginning, if you may (i.e. new era). H for the hair. it’s just a made-up word that’s suited for the situation.

  3. Pearl B.

    Anyway what’s the fuss? And I can’t believe Trent’s done touring before playing South Africa! So many big acts have come down here. All but the only one I REALLY wanted to see!

    1. DaybeD

      Oh man now I feel like I need a haircut jmj made me feel like my fro could sometimes fit in society…oh well

  4. papz

    I think they missed a bit I see a tuft on the top lol

    I like the way Rob made sure he captured Mr ‘I’m just throwing somefink in da bin!’


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