[trent speaks] triple j 2009/02/22


runtime 16:43 | ~15.5mb | DOWNLOAD

captured by cynicmuse, thanks a lot! photo from triple j’s soundwave blog, thanks to isali from the a few inches more forum for the info!


14 thoughts on “[trent speaks] triple j 2009/02/22

  1. cherry_twist

    Dori! thanks for posting this! this is excellent stuff! good to hear more abt NIN’s future, NINJA tour and watnot 🙂

  2. mandelwink

    Thanks for this, dori! a great listen, and also makes things seem a bit less final than the have the past couple of days…

  3. Chris

    I knew Trent couldn’t keep away from making music, and this just nailed it in. Thanks for posting the interview and clearing up lots of questions.

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  5. cherry_twist

    oh please please post NINJA tour schedule, and whatever gigs you guys are doing up to August, online now! i.cant.wait!

  6. Rowan

    Thanks for posting, and thanks to cynicmuse for recording it. That little tidbit about Discipline at the end was verrry interesting!

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  8. Jakki

    What an awesome interview!!! I definitely think he needs a break….I would too after all that touring!! Ive always wondered bout that vocal at the start of discipline too…haha


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