Upcoming NIN/JA tour

Tour dates for our upcoming tour with Jane’s Addiction will be posted soon. Meanwhile, check this out:

Live Review: Jane’s Addiction

More videos here.

posted by trent reznor at 4:28pm

discuss @ nin.com

added by dori: please check trent’s link above for the original video on pitchfork. wordpress.com won’t allow me to embed it, so i had to cheat a little bit…


7 thoughts on “Upcoming NIN/JA tour

  1. Mr. Bitterness

    Dori – If you aren’t using VodPod (vodpod.com), try adding your video to vodpod, then adding the vodpod video to wordpress. You can embed almost anything this way…

    1. Dori Doreau

      thanks a lot, i tried it just now – but unfortunately it won’t display the video in the correct ratio, so they’d have loooong faces. would’ve been to easy 😦

  2. dospajaros

    I wantz tour dates. I’m very nervous that they’ll come to New England while I’m in Mexico this summer. I’ve seen Jane’s once, and NIN 4 times. But together??? Unthinkable.


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