Last night in Sydney…

Click to view video:


posted by rob at 2:16pm (sydney, australia)


10 thoughts on “Last night in Sydney…

  1. Chris

    seriously, that would have been a great show. Also, that video is really great quality. Thanks to everyone at NIN for posting.

  2. cherry_twist

    i thought trent was complaining about how hot it was there? why was he wearing a jacket? lol…looks good though, as usual!

    1. Dori Doreau

      the guy you see on the photo is a tech, not trent. look at the height of the mic stand and how that guy has to bend his knees… :mrgreen:

      and check the video behind the photo!

  3. Paul

    Seeing this makes me really wish they’d done this type of back stage filming during the entire Lights In The Sky tour.. like a behind the scenes video blog. That would have been awesome to watch. Thanks for sharing this clip.

  4. Krisco


    fricken integral energy australia cant get their s**t together. . . my legs are still cramped. . . .great show!


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