Night off activity


posted by  trent reznor at 12:29am (melbourne, australia)

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added by dori: seems they like rugby australian football, obviously they are watching Collingwood v Richmond right now. and someone’s a tigers fan.
thanks to frgt10 for the hint!


8 thoughts on “Night off activity

    1. Dori Doreau

      so how it’s called in aussieland? just football (which is something completely different here in europe)? i doubt you say “i’m going to see the australian rules football game tonight” :mrgreen:

        1. Handz

          personally when i say im going to the footy, i mean NRL
          when you go see AFL, you say AFL
          but thats cause im from queensland

        2. Dori Doreau

          thanks everybody, i hope i won’t get burned if i just call it “australian football” on the blog. the wiki-link seems to explain the details pretty well.

          and i found it confusing enough that our football is called soccer in some places… now it’s australian football, too! :mrgreen:

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