Alice in Chains!


posted by trent reznor at 12:48am (adelaide, australia)

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4 thoughts on “Alice in Chains!

  1. nihil

    Jerry Cantrell did the bulk of the writing, so I say keep the band going. Layne was great, but he chose his path.

  2. Dennis Varade

    Huge AIC fan. Saw them 3 times since 2006, great! Alice was my favorite band in the early 90’s and they still are today. Yes we all miss Layne and of course its not the same but get over it. This band is still kick ass! Cantrells guitar is what makes their sound and it always has. His melodic sound is like no other. Nobody sounds like this band, they may try but they don’t. William fits in just fine w/AIC and I expect this new album to be one of their best. Cantrell is a great song writer and I love all his solo stuff. The only thing that pisses me off is the secrecy of this new album. I just want to here a song soon. Give us something! Album release date or name. I have seen all those in the studio vids and its just a tease.
    I want it now!


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