NIN iPhone app information


Interview and video walkthrough of the new NIN iPhone app from Wired

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5 thoughts on “NIN iPhone app information

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  2. Amanda

    what exactly is this product? forgive me, not too informed about iphones, itunes, ishoes or iwhatevers, but is only available to iphone users or can it be available to standard cellular users as well?

  3. VictorV

    why I receive this

    “Nine Inch Nails will be performing in Santiago, Chile on October 4th. Presale tickets go on sale TODAY, July 3rd, at 5pm local time. Visit the performance page for presale information.

    Nine Inch Nails will be performing at the Motrokr festival in Mexico City on October 18th and Guadalajara on October 19th. Tickets go on sale August 18th, and there will be no presales because these are festival dates.”


    “someone” is doing “something” with the feed

  4. DaybeD

    Okay i feel like i retard but i am obliged to ask this. Can someone send me a link to the itunes app store of this? or am i searching for something that hasn’t even come out?

  5. J242

    The app isn’t out yet, yes it is tied exclusively to the iPhone at the moment. Other mobile OS platforms aren’t anywhere near as powerful or easy to develop for so it wouldn’t make sense to try and port a bare-bones version for Web OS or Pocket PC…


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