photo-771222-7712462Nine Inch Nails’ new iPhone app is AVAILABLE NOW. It’s free and you should get it now. Its official title is “NIN: Access.”
For more information about what this application does, CLICK HERE.

To watch the action (no iPhone needed), GO HERE. You’ll be prompted to install the Google Earth plugin if you don’t have it (it’s quick, free, and worth it).
Have fun and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens…

Thanks as always for your support.
Trent and Rob

If you’re experiencing bugs or issues with the app, please report them here. Post general feedback and suggestions about the app here. We’ll be issuing an update to the app in about a week which addresses all major bugs that present themselves.

posted by trent reznor at 7:10pm

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One thought on “NIN iPhone app AVAILABLE NOW

  1. Chris

    I’ve messed around with it. While it really has no purpose right now, It’ll be neat to see how people use it when concerts start rolling around.


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