Everyone hard at work


posted by trent reznor at 12:20pm

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18 thoughts on “Everyone hard at work

  1. Handz

    if i saw these dogs in the street i would contemplate stealing them, they are soo cute XD

  2. 3tigers

    Trent, thanks a lot for coming to Portugal for the second time now.
    was there for the first time, will be there again. thanks again, man.
    (it won’t hurt if you bring the lights and stuff from lighst in the sky tour to europe either)

  3. t9

    Hmmm. Dogs, cigar, incense, coffee. Dude, love you but that’s got to be one smelly fucking house. Prolly smells just like mine. 😉

  4. Ashta

    Not sure of the type of dog. I think they are Greyhounds (those racing dogs) Me think.

    I would love to adopt one, just because I’ve heard that they get put down once they are no longer able to race.

  5. Shannon

    My Sweet Dee cockroaches like that on the coach. Man, you gotta love greyhounds. Best dogs evar.

  6. Pamela Samson

    YAH! I am Canadian and have been blessed with USA ex racers for over 23 amazing years..THANK YOU for adopting and also SUPPORTING such a greyt cause:)

  7. Julia Farley

    I absolutely love this photo. It is refreshing to see a star loving his home life and respecting and loving his dogs. So often you hear horror stories about famous people. I love my rock and metal music but never listened to NIN, I will seek some out because you came to my attention today. I am so impressed that you have given your memorabilia to help Greyhound rescue, thank you from all that you will benefit from your selflessness and generous deeds. Reading about your Auctions and seein this photo has truly made my day x

  8. Ginny Dog

    Awesome photo!!!! (Hi Pamela Samson – MOM! hahaha)..
    Greyhounds are Angels…I’ve had several as brothers and sisters..and have been the Mom to 2 :))) Wonderful of you to bring more awareness to the needs of ex-racers-or soon to be ex-racers…and raising money to help!! Yep, Canadians love Greyhounds too:) xxxxx


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