Lights In The Sky


posted by rob at 5:53pm (tampa, usa)

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4 thoughts on “Lights In The Sky

  1. JamesLucas

    This is a beautiful sight.

    Unrelated: Dori, this archive has always been good at explaining Trent’s passing references to other musicians and events (like Dave Navarro showing up without his name in the caption). Do you know anywhere to go to for the CliffsNotes on Trent’s twitter feed? The recent “T + M”, for instance, has me stumped.

    1. Dori Doreau

      well, if you ask on chances are high you’ll be eaten alive by the wolves… so i’ll answer that question: T + M = Trent + Mariqueen (his fiancée who just joined the tour).

      and thank you very much for the kudos, i’ll do my best to keep this blog as informative as possible : )

      1. jameslucas

        [slaps forehead] I was so focused on web acronyms… I’ll blame 2% of my confusion on Trent for not putting his lady first.


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