[twitter] Tornado warnings

Crazy storm going on in Indiana tonight. Apparently tornado warnings as well. Here’s a picture:


posted by rob (noblesville, usa)


5 thoughts on “[twitter] Tornado warnings

  1. David

    It was Crazy cool !
    The lightning seamed to strike in time with a powerful lyric …every time and the sky opened up on us all at a pivotal moment of the show . It was frightening and beautiful all at once .

    Thanks for all the great years guys ….Don’t go away too long !

  2. Stephanie

    i was at that show and i thought it was a really neat effect…im also glad i upgraded from lawn seats when i got there lol

  3. Rachel Z

    I had no idea that sirens were going off!! I was center rail and didn’t even know there was tornadoes until right before JA came on. O_o


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