Help NIN, Tony Hawk, & Jane’s Addiction support a great cause

VeronicaandbrotherEric-757463We have become involved with raising money to help save the life of Eric de la Cruz, a young man who’s in dire need of a heart transplant but has been consistently rejected by our country’s broken, uncaring health care system. Thanks to an overwhelming outpouring of support from the NIN fanbase, we have raised an utterly incredible sum of over $850,000 in just two weeks’ time to help fund Eric’s transplant operation, and hopefully shine some light on a health care crisis that’s affecting millions of other people in similar situations every day.

We’re continuing our efforts to raise money for this important cause, and our friends Tony Hawk and Jane’s Addiction are now also getting involved. Here are the donation packages we’re currently offering:

– VIP packages for all NIN shows outside of the United States. These include meet & greets, photos, soundcheck, backstage access, and more. Click here for info.

– Signed, limited edition complete Tony Hawk skateboards with signed, limited edition Nine Inch Nails albums (Ghosts, Still, and The Slip). Click here for info.

– A rare opportunity to hang out with Jane’s Addiction while they jam in their dressing room backstage at one of the upcoming NIN/JA shows. Click here for info.

Thanks for your continuing support and for showing the power of a strong, compassionate community.


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6 thoughts on “Help NIN, Tony Hawk, & Jane’s Addiction support a great cause

  1. [MAC]

    shows outside US still dont include festivals? cuz read that you are coming to Mexico on Motorokr Fest in October but its a festival, and so far the only date announced but i would be willing to help your friend and have a great time with you guys.

  2. Greg

    I love that NIN and everyone else cares so much to help this guy get a heart transplant, but isn’t $850,000 enough? From what I’ve read, the average heart transplant doesn’t even cost $150,000. So what is all the rest of this money going to fund?

      1. [MAC]

        in this very same blog (or i dunno, i read it on RSS and it only appeared in one of them, i think this one cuz i checked the tour pages and it wasnt there).

  3. Swede

    Speaking of heatlh care system:
    In Sweden a heart transplant would cost you 100 SEK = 10 dollars!
    True? Yes!
    Now THAT is a health care system!


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