Alec Empire!


posted by trent reznor at 11:50am (poznan, poland)

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5 thoughts on “Alec Empire!

  1. Russell Coy

    Hey Trent- I’ve sent messages to pretty much everywhere else I can think of, so I’m coming straight to the source now. I’m an independent filmmaker, as in no-budget-and-will-have-to-break-myself-for-festival-submission-fees-but-that’s-cool independent. Could you graciously give me your permission to use some songs from Ghosts and the Slip in a few short films I’ll be submitting to film fests and showing in a local theater? I know they’re free for non-profit projects, but it doesn’t say anywhere about this type of thing, and I don’t want to risk legal action from anyone. Hope I hear from you. Russell

    1. Dori Doreau

      this isn’t “the source”, this is a fanblog without any connection to the source. you’ll have to post on the forums on for a chance to be seen.

    2. shreena

      Hey mate, contact either nastylittleman or rebel waltz, if you want licensing permission – they’ll be able to direct you to the right person.

  2. hotelminibar

    any live footage? trent thats fkkin amazin that you and alec are doing this, i know you guys have done studio but good to see this live thing happenin!

  3. hotelminibar

    its kind of like a 360 degree thing in a way…wonder whether some of the lads (Martin) from invisible records, homo DJs etc and Al..if that would ever reignite maybe just for a few days….


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