[access] Scenes from backstage


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  1. joeemejias

    Dear Nine Inch Nails,

    Just like anyone else, I a huge fan from the Philippines who listens to your music and would love to see you perform live. But I have a story for you that I don’t think is like any of your fans’ here in the Philippines. I am a musician who composes and plays industrial electronic music. I have been doing this with my best friend and partner Tara. We are part of a duo called Stormy. Tara writes the songs, she sings and plays the guitar. Just like most industrial rock bands you are a huge influence in our music. Although we are a duo, Tara pretty much is the mastermind in creating our music. She is very passionate in pushing this type of music since only a handful play and listen to this type of music in our country. Our duo is just starting but her talent is so amazing that in my opinion she could possibly be an icon in the music industry that would best represent the genre. And in our country that is very rare. She listens to your music every day, uses your wallpapers and art on her computer, and even used the music from Ghosts in a short film she directed. She is so talented but since we were only starting only a few people were able to see and appreciate her gift. She is a beautiful and intelligent person, a Political Science graduate who wanted to make permanent changes by one day becoming part of the UN- she starts her mission by adopting stray kittens.:) She was on her way to creating more music and exploring and expanding the community more. But everything was put on hold.
    Last August 6, 2008, on the eve of her 23rd birthday, she got shot in the head on a hold up incident. I was with her that time. And circumstances gave me enough time to take her to the hospital. She was fighting for her life. Before she became unconscious, she promised that she will ‘hold on’. For a few weeks nobody knew if she would survive or not. The bullet in her head could not be taken out because it was the type that fragmented upon impact. She would not have survived an operation. She remained unconscious for months and only the machine kept her alive.
    Now, it’s been more than nine months since her incident and she has still kept her promise. She is still fighting for recovery in the hospital, free from life support, moving her arms and head often, responding to sounds and movements, with the bullet still lodged in her head. Her progress has been an absolute miracle. The doctors however have declared that she would remain like that, a vegetable, forever. But a lot are still hoping for the day that she would ‘wake up’. And be able to create and play music again; to be able to change the world in her own way. Her story has touched so many lives, including complete strangers. She gave them hope to live. The incident has sparked numerous benefit gigs and concerts from known and unknown musicians. It picked up in the media involving several names from the government who wanted to help her family and to speed up the investigation to catch the perpetrator. Being sole witness for some time the case has not moved forward and unfortunately, the hold-upper has not been caught yet. The unfortunate accident has given people hope for life, at the same time hopelessness on our justice system who foolishly declared the case solved and closed.
    When I learned that you were going to the Philippines for a concert a day before her birthday, I thought that God was joking. She has always told me that seeing you is her ultimate dream before she dies, but we thought it was impossible for you to visit the Philippines. It would have only been a dream, unless we could afford to follow you in one of your international tours. But now Tara’s dream is here for her taking, if only she was aware of it. The only way that she could see you is if we would put her on a wheelchair which I think would be difficult for a rock concert and her situation. I know that it is impossible to reach you, but I am begging for a chance from you for her to meet you. I am not sure exactly how or if that would cost us but I hope that you would give her a chance to have her dream, whether she be aware of it or not. I’m sure seeing you would be one of the greatest birthday gifts she could possibly have. Even a response would be greatly appreciated by all her friends, especially her family, including her cats.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Joee Mejias

    1. Dori Doreau

      what a story 😦 but since this private blog has no connections to the nin camp, you’ll need to tell it at the nin.com forums if you want a chance to be heard.


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