[dori says] congratulations to trent & mariqueen!

wish you all the best and many many happy years together!


more at Pink is the New Blog


18 thoughts on “[dori says] congratulations to trent & mariqueen!

    1. lil_wish

      this is actually the only instance when Trent is in the pic and I’m staring at a person standing next to him instead 🙂 she is beyond beautiful.

  1. walter e kurtz

    it’s just a perfect day i m glad i spent it with you such a perfect day you just keep me hanging on

  2. Michael

    Very very cool and beautiful picture of both and let´s hope they get old together – she looks awesome and Trent looks very happy too 😀 Best wishes for both !!!
    Is sinn a stad le chèile !

  3. triinity

    Hmmm… I wish them the best. Can’t help but have my early 20’s sadness that’s he’s done. Reminds me of the (and you will only “get” this if you are my age) Eddie Van Halen marrying Valerie Bertanelli. It’s like some horrible flashback! Long live Diver Down!


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