[HTDA] 03

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4 thoughts on “[HTDA] 03

  1. Haley Kline

    Just heard “A Drowning.” Im impressed. I feel I am in danger of falling in love with Q as much as I did with Trent. Her voice is haunting. Has me excited to hear more!

  2. Charlene Mitchell

    Hi, I know this will seem Impossible! But I am fighting for my Oldest’s Daughter’s life here and I don’t care what anyone has to say to me. I was wondering if by any change Mr. Reznor would talk to my daughter for even 5 mins. concerning her drug addiction and getting treatment for a disease that she has. My middle daughter died over 2 years ago and I can’t sit back and have my other daughter die. I know that she would at least listen to maybe some words from Mr. Reznor to get treatment! I’m not stalking him and I am speaking the truth. I am the leader over the compassionate friends group, here in Silver City, NM. you can go to their website & look under leaders. Can you help please?

  3. walter ekurtz

    that was a fly waiting for a windshield on the M8 edinburgh glasgow shit happens


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