[dori says] new archive blog for HTDA

since i’m afraid there will be tons of material to archive soon, i decided to start an archive blog for HTDA on tumblr. it will contain everything official i can lay my hands on, such as promo photos, audio files, videos, Q&A sessions on facebook etc. i will still add some HTDA videos and promo photos here at ninblogs, but this one will stay concentrated mainly on everything NIN.

HTDA: How To Archive Angels

and yes, i’m crazy and have too much time on my hands. can’t help it 😉


4 thoughts on “[dori says] new archive blog for HTDA

  1. Jake

    Nice to see you’ve made another site, I’ve followed this one for a few years; it’s amazingly handy when things get busy.
    The HTDA archive looks amazing, I love it. Is this NIN one getting a revamp soon? Maybe when new material starts to crop up?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Dori Doreau

      thank you very much!
      there’s no revamp planned for this blog, i’m quiet happy with its appearance. plus my knowledge in CSS is very limited and i’m not sure if i could change another theme to my needs 😳


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