The Space In Between

My other band How To Destroy Angels have made our first music video. You can see it in high definition at

posted via news feed, 15 may 2010

finally posted by trent reznor at 10:28am, 16 may 2010


29 thoughts on “The Space In Between

  1. Lauren

    I swear in another 10 years he’s gonna look 20 years old.
    Stop being so handsome, Trent!! haha oh dear…
    Gotta say, the vid kept me on the edge of my seat; love it!

  2. IanG

    omg! did you see that pic of Trent laying in blood from the video? He has gained so much weight! His suit didn’t fit him either. He has really let himself go.

  3. twtw

    I’m wondering who has enough balls to put up with the shame and ridicule of being ociated with the live version of this band when they start to tour. Trent always burns bridges and he’s insulted nearly all the people he’s ever worked with over the years.

    Justin-Meldal Johnson: HTDA sound isn’t funky enough for him. Anyways, he’s workin’ for Tom Cruise and John Travolta now, conducting e-meter tests in Scientology headquarters. Even Trent’s cult status cannot compete with the resources of a real cult.

    Jeordie White: Still busy embarrassing himself with Marilyn Manson and trying to get Goon Moon off the ground. Probably has too much Valtrex built up in his system to make it through “A Drowning” without slipping into a coma.

    Supposedly Robin Finck will play anything for a paycheck but he may still want to distance himself from this . Trent will be forced to do what he always does in that situation: blackmail him into joining the band. Trent and Rob probably have a back catalog of compromising photos from previous tours.

    Aaron North: I really don’t know what he’s doing right now. Is his band even together any more? He’s not even on Buddyhead. It’s like after anyone touches NIN they’re cursed or something. Anyways, I can’t see Aaron jumping around to HTDA material on stage. I think he’d rather go into the witness protection program. If he hasn’t already. Really, where’d the little midget go?

    Atticus Ross: He’s already a default member of the band though it’s difficult to tell whether or not he has a choice. You know those ankle bracelets that convicts wear when they’re on probation? I think Trent locked one onto Atticus some years back and swallowed the key.

    Alessandro Cortini: Trent was quoted aying. “Alessandro is one of the most miserable people I know.” Of course, this misery probably stemmed from being trapped in close quarters with Trent over several years. Great, then he’s the perfect choice to back Mariqueen’s miserable vocals with ambient, moody noise! HTDA may break new ground yet as the first band to ever have a member commit suicide while performing live.

    Josh Freese: Josh is the only musician impervious to Trent’s bi-polar tantrums due to the fact that he is a robot. Everyone knows this is true, so don’t be weird abou. There are probably multiple Josh units performing with multiple bands simultaneously in different parts of the world right was we speak. This means he can’t use the excuse that he’s too busy. he can, however, use the excuse that he only plays with bands that are “good.”

    Ilan Rubin: Since Ilan never added anything extraordinary to NIN he’s a shoe-in for HTDA’s generic sound. He’s an impressionable young lad with a brain ripe for brainwashing, much like Rob Sheridan ten years ago. Ilan will have a totally awesome time until someone sits him down one day and explains where babies come from. Then he’ll never be able to look at Trent and Mariqueen the same way ever again.

    Gary Numan, Peter Murphy, David Bowie, Peter Christopherson: One would hope these artists have enough sense to never pollute their reputations by becoming involved with HTDA.

    Mariqueen Reznor: Of course she’s got to go on tour with the band. She’s real talented at fiddling with Trent’s knob(s). And I hear she sings or something. An added plus: if she can’t make it to the show you can just replace her with a corpse, as illustrated by the video, and no one will know the difference.

    So we have our lineup!
    Robin on Guitar, pink recorder, pan flute and ’shrooms Atticus on programming, synths, and a leash
    Alessandro on B and Buchla (until he kills himself and is replaced by Trent)
    Ilan on drums until Trent decides he’s tired of him, throws a tantrum, abandons him on the side of the road in rural Idaho and replaces him with Justin Bieber.
    Mariqueen doing vocals, Trent, and a bunch of roadies for drugs.
    Trent losing his over technical glitches and a lot of empty seats.

  4. DBM

    For someone who seams to dislike this so much you sure spent an expansive
    amount of time thinking about it and dissing it . Epic fail

  5. walter ekurtz

    did tr killed someone you love?you should join me in my camp in cambodia you would make an excellent soldier of fortune.
    on a more serious(?) note bowie had some problem with mike garson but they toured together so i would not be surprised if the duke decided to join tr on stage.and by the way lou reed and john cale who could not stand each other made an album dedicaded to andy warhol
    be waiting for you follow the nung river see you

  6. RWagner

    TR has always had $$$$ to throw at people, now he’s got Q as well. Maybe he’ll pimp her out just like all the other big name producers in LA would. His behavior has been so consistent with L.A. douchebag, why change now?

    So I just read that they’re releasing the 6 track album on the 6th day of the 6th month. Is Trent a fucking adolescent goth kid trapped in a 45-year-old’s body?!? (I know, that was a dumb question.) Man, it just cracks me up. If you’re agnostic, why believe in stuff that originates from the Bible? Guess what, the Devil, Hell, and The Beast are all Christian constructs. But maybe I’m making too many assumptions here. Maybe the number 666 has some other association for them. Coincidentally, Ronald Wilson Reagan has 6 letters in his first, middle, and last name. Wow, Trent, that is so clever! Who ever knew you were such a fan of our 40th president, you’d dedicate HTDA’s first EP to his legacy.

  7. Dori Doreau

    and now an announcement from the management: if you don’t like HTDA and/or its members and need to express your feelings about it here, fine. just be aware that i’m watching the comments and don’t hesitate to use my shiny delete button if a comment wanders into the land of insults and too much lack of decorum.

    over and out.

  8. walter ekurtz

    dori ma tres chere le jens sont crazy enfin on parle d’un artiste il te plait bien il ne te plais pas la ferme.I think this upcoming record won’t be setting new standard but however if you don’t try to make something new you end up doeing a roger water the wall again and again and again.amicale pensees

  9. precenphix

    I’m reserving final judgement on this project until I hear the song including the Dewanatron equipment. But honestly, it’s not sounding very good so far.

  10. walter ekurtz

    ok merde and merci it’s a good start there are some other funny expresion you have to add such as con=f**k anyway the lines i wrote mean that if you like anr artist fine if you don’t you give your reasons and the shut the f**k up.Besides artist who made huge impact on pop culture have always been under close scrutiny 4 example david bowie.In movie kubrick has always been a mistery to this day every time i see 2001 i know i like it but towards the end i still think sk did not know what he wanted to do or say i believe that eyes wide shot was easy to understand i know i understood it the first time i sow it.the movie is a dream within a dream a 4 me his masterpiece.
    so people snarl at tr bowie robert smith david lynch robert 3d dal naja because they are kind of don’t like the mentioned people fine it’s a free world.if you go on you really end up like roger waters the wall the wall the wall again sounds boring non credi mia cara?

    1. Dori Doreau

      well, i have no problem with people discussing what they don’t like about the music, but i will not let it escalate. have you seen the comments on’s HTDA articles? good FSM 😯


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