[HTDA] The Space in Between video shoot

A prop hotel room was built specifically for the shoot, so it could be burned down.

Pouring fake blood on Trent.

A small fire was used for foreground and reflective purposes on the close-ups of Trent.

The footage of Mariqueen and Trent was digitally composited with footage of these mannequin stand-ins burning.

Lighting the bed on fire.

Extinguishing the fire to do another take.

Mannequin Trent burning.

The whole room was eventually burned down. A composite of Mariqueen singing and additional digital fire effects were added for the final shot. To add gruesome detail to the shots of Mariqueen burning, effects artists composited in images of charred flesh, diseased skin, and even chicken meat.

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10 thoughts on “[HTDA] The Space in Between video shoot

  1. walter ekurtz

    to way i see it i’d say the inspirtion came from the thing by j carpenter when the us crew visits the norwegian camp site and later on the thing brings havok on the american camp(carpenter is a fantastic filmaker looking forward to see his new flick)
    bonne journee tres chere doris

    1. walter ekurtz

      the way….. the inspiration merde je devrais faire plus attention when writing in english.salut

  2. Matt

    I have been a fan of Trent sense 1992, But I just cant get “The space in between” out of my head! I’m hooked!

  3. Andy S

    o an entire album of incoherant singing & mumbling complete with Trent whispering and yelling parasite . Just fucking great. She talks sings the entire goddam album Trent must be smoking some shit to think this is good . Why didn’t he just remove the singing And put out a techno / house music album. This shit is seriously more laughable then I expected.

    ” listen to the sound of my big black boots ” AKA —- ” let’s have some fun this beat Is sick I wanna take a ride on your disco stick ”

    can we give this album a negative number?

  4. walter ekurtz

    it is music below average pity i expected something better i had great expectation since i really enjoy ghost i-iv
    maybe tr should try to collaborate with other musician or maybe he shoul leave l.a for a while and go live abroad (germany das lande der musik should do)i still think can surpriese so for this time i will consider this ep just something the band did for a laugh.

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  6. walter ekurtz

    what’s up all quiet on the western front?Aniway i’ve got this to say you all know the song 0 and 1(one of tr best lyrics ever wrote)well it occured to me last sunday as I was checking european papers that he wrote that song feeling something wrong was about to happen and it did first in Iceland then in Luisiana.you know 0 and 1 is a song about the decline of our species just as the magical mistery tour was a song about vietnam(according to michael herr aniway)for me what is happening is gotterdamerung.Yes these words have got nothing to do with music and tr is not (thanks for that) bono however i think he has some fears about the constant ripe the planet is forced to accept.ok I stop.gutten tag

  7. Kurt Rao

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still waiting for that EPIC moment when the “unstoppable force” that is Trent and Mariqueen to blow us all away just like when Derek Zoolander unleashed his “Magnum” look.

  8. walter e kurtz

    a NoisE is filling the air here in europe N.I.N is recording new material true? false?


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