Creative meeting…

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18 thoughts on “Creative meeting…

  1. Skye



    1. NINgirl1

      This is one-footed bouncing, btw. I’m not supposed to be jumping on my leg yet, but in my excitement, I forgot… lol YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

  2. Dieselbreeze

    So how did the meeting go? Any developments? Don’t leave us hanging guys! I want to see where this story goes.

  3. kurtz

    4 dori doreau

    remember talk radio?barry’s suicide speach?4 me it’s perhaps one of the best piece of cinema ever made NO BRAINS NO POWER NO FUTURE NO HOPE NO GOD.I pray Y0 will hit tv screen or cinemas.
    Talk radio had a huge impact on me i remember feeling on the verge of tears.
    Y0 is an apocalypse(now)about to happen (zero sum) TR finest lirycs we won’t find redemption


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