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[HTDA] And another new Photo

How to Destroy Angels 2012.
L to R: Rob Sheridan, Mariqueen Maandig, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross.
Photo by How To Destroy Angels and Tamar Levine.

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[HTDA] The Space in Between video shoot

A prop hotel room was built specifically for the shoot, so it could be burned down.

Pouring fake blood on Trent.

A small fire was used for foreground and reflective purposes on the close-ups of Trent.

The footage of Mariqueen and Trent was digitally composited with footage of these mannequin stand-ins burning.

Lighting the bed on fire.

Extinguishing the fire to do another take.

Mannequin Trent burning.

The whole room was eventually burned down. A composite of Mariqueen singing and additional digital fire effects were added for the final shot. To add gruesome detail to the shots of Mariqueen burning, effects artists composited in images of charred flesh, diseased skin, and even chicken meat.

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