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[Trent speaks] Tony Hawk with Trent Reznor Part 1

source: dissent tv

click here for part 2


[dori says] new archive blog for HTDA

since i’m afraid there will be tons of material to archive soon, i decided to start an archive blog for HTDA on tumblr. it will contain everything official i can lay my hands on, such as promo photos, audio files, videos, Q&A sessions on facebook etc. i will still add some HTDA videos and promo photos here at ninblogs, but this one will stay concentrated mainly on everything NIN.

HTDA: How To Archive Angels

and yes, i’m crazy and have too much time on my hands. can’t help it 😉

New HD live video: “The Becoming” live from on stage at the Sasquatch Festival


A new HD live video has been added to the NIN Live 2009 Channel on Vimeo: “The Becoming” live from on stage at the Sasquatch Festival on May 24th, 2009.

Previously posted HD videos from the Wave Goodbye 2009 Tour:

Street Sweeper Social Club with Trent Reznor performing Kick Out The Jams: Vimeo

Lights In The Sky live in Austin: Vimeo | YouTube

Survivalism live in Atlanta w/Saul Williams: Vimeo | YouTube

Banged and Blown Through live in Atlanta w/Saul Williams: Vimeo | YouTube

More videos will be posted throughout the tour.

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