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[flickr] Sommet Center – Nashville, TN, 10.31.08


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Nine Inch Nails – Lights In The Sky: Over North America 2008 tour dates and tickets at tour.nin.com.

To purchase official prints of photos from the Lights In The Sky tour, visit frcphotos.com.

Photos by Rob Sheridan.

all pictures taken from nin’s official flickr account.


Night off in Nashville

posted by jmj at 7:00pm (nashville, usa)

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added: let justin explain who’s on the screen in this 2nd photo…

That would be Todd “Foxhole” Tiedemann. Our audio guy, microphone man, receiver of broken keyboards, etc. Those of you against the rail will have seen him over the years in his natural habitat, the camera pit in front of the stage. We love our man Todd, he’s the shit, he gets things done. I’m learning in my short time as a NIN member that he also is the one who gets all of us off our asses to go to the occasional sporting event on a night off, movies, whatever. Here, you can see him getting friendly with a member of some visiting schoolteachers from China or something. A great time out, especially with watching Todd meeting everybody in the arena and getting maximum screen time. : – )

See you Nashville people tomorrow – it is on.