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[forum] nin.com updates/migration

Hey everybody,

Obviously, nin.com has been in dire need of an update for quite a while now. We’ve been busy working on all sorts of other things, as you know, but now with a NIN tour happening, we’ve talked a lot about how to keep nin.com modern, have the best features for our needs and yours, and not have to shoulder the burden of maintenance entirely on our own. We’ve decided to migrate from our current custom site to Modlife’s platform. It’s robust, customizable, has a ton of up-to-date features, and most importantly, provides us with an actual team of people who are working to keep the site evolving.

This migration is going to change nin.com and its features quite a bit, and we’re only just beginning to lay out the roadmap. It’s going to be a gradual process, but the first step will be tomorrow (Monday), when we will close off new nin.com user registrations. This is necessary to migrate all the user data over to Modlife’s platform, so your username/password will not change. The next step will be revamping the homepage in a way that hides all the old site content from view while we work on renovating it. However, during the transition, all the old content, like the forums, will still be accessible via direct URL – they just won’t be linked from the main nin.com anymore, and they will use the old, frozen user database. You can think of it as a sad graveyard, or as a secret private club, depending on how positive you are.

Change is scary, I know, but it’s long overdue, and all of this should, in the long term, result in a much better and more lively nin.com experience. We’re excited about the future here and the opportunity to finally be able to move forward with the site.
So, you have questions. “What happens to remix? What happens to images/video? What happens to the forum archives? What about the app?” The answer: We don’t know yet. It will be a gradual and modular process, and any important archival stuff that we aren’t able to migrate over to Modlife’s platform will be preserved in some fashion.

Now, for conversation: Do we make an effort to import all of the current forum structure and archived posts to the new platform, or do we start clean? Will there be mass panic if you all lose your old posts? Is this the worst thing ever and do you hate us now?



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New video from The Horrors


We are very pleased and honored to premiere the new video from one of our favorite bands, The Horrors. “Mirror’s Image” is the new single from their excellent record “Primary Colours”. If you haven’t heard this record yet, do so now – this has been in top rotation with us for the entire tour.


If you were lucky enough to get tickets for the 8/22, 8/23 or 8/25 shows in New York, remember to arrive early and catch these guys.


posted by trent reznor at 12:03pm

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[trent speaks] questions for trent, part deux

10 + 1 questions,  selected by members of the fan community from nin.com and ETS, answered in a video chat with papagolash. read more about the process here, here and here.

thanks to: trent reznor, nin.com forum, echoing the sound, the nin hotline and of course papagolash and everybody else who took part in this project. if you like to use these videos on your blog, please add these credits as well.


question 1: There have been many inquiries about the soundcheck for “Lights in the Sky.” What made you decide to not play the song live during the last tour and will we ever see it live? What are the reasons for not ever playing certain songs at shows, and given that band members have mentioned learning 70+ songs, how do you pick the 20-ish that get played each show?


click here to see all 11 videos


Forget Twilight or Chinese Geography or 808s and Constipates or whatever else you may be wasting your time on… we’ve added some kick-ass new features to nin.com that may or may not work properly, so head on in and get busy!

Rob will now explain what we’ve done:

Nin.com’s new image and video galleries aggregate media from Flickr and YouTube, allowing nin.com users to share their NIN photos, videos, artwork, and other content, which can then be organized, rated, and discussed by other fans. Your nin.com profile can now display your image and video contributions, as well.

You can browse individual galleries from every show of the 2008 tour, and soon we’ll be adding past tours as well. The goal is to have the ultimate database of NIN images and videos right here on nin.com, created and organized by the fan community.

The galleries are still in beta, but we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to start using them while we continue to enhance functionality, work out bugs, and add new features. Expect support for favorites, descriptions, comment ratings, view counts, personal galleries, feeds, and more in the coming weeks. Please read the FAQ for gallery rules and guidelines, as well as instructions for adding your media to the site.

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here we go!

Welcome to the beginning of the new nin.com! There’s a lot of new stuff here we’ve been working on for quite some time and MUCH more coming over the next few weeks. We’re aiming to create the ultimate community and resource for all things related to nine inch nails. Be sure to register to create your own profile and take full advantage of what’s here – it’s 100% free and will remain that way.

Once you’ve registered and logged in, you can set up your user profile by clicking on your username in the top right of the page. You’ll also have access to our new live chat rooms and our new forums, which are already active and filled with great content and discussion. Here are some useful forum destinations to get you started:

– Introduce yourself in the Community Forum, and please check this message before posting.

– Read what people have been saying about recent shows (and add your own thoughts if you’ve attended) in the Previous Shows Forum, and talk about future shows in the Upcoming Shows Forum.

– View and share photos and video from the Lights In The Sky Tour in this thread.

– Need help? Check the Tech Support Forum.

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Ticket Presale Information

Presales for the upcoming tour are about to begin. Presales for the Lexington, KY show will open on Wednesday, with many more shows starting up early next week. We’ve been working very hard to get the best tickets in the hands of the fans, bypassing scalpers, ticket resellers, and ticketing agencies… This has been a difficult process to bring together outside of The Spiral, and frankly, it’s a work in progress. The presale system you’ll be using for this tour does everything we set out to do, but as of right now ticket purchasing requires a few more steps than we’d prefer. You can expect a more streamlined system for future tours, but for now, here’s what to expect:

First, you’ll need to be a nin.com member to access presales. If you haven’t already, register for free at remix.nin.com (click “register” once you’re at the site), or log in with your Spiral username/password (Spiral members: If you’ve changed your Spiral password since November 2007, you may need to use your old password to login).

Then, subscribe to the news feed, or keep an eye on nin.com for presale announcements. The first announcement, regarding the Lexington show, will go up tomorrow.

When you purchase presale tickets, you’ll need to enter your legal name exactly as it appears on your identification. When you arrive at the show, there will be a special entrance for nin.com members. Present your ID at the entrance and you’ll receive your personalized ticket, which will have your name on it (no tickets will be sent out in advance). You’ll then have to enter the venue immediately. This process ensures that our presale tickets are purchased only by fans who are attending the show, and are useless to scalpers and ticket brokers.

More specific presale information will be posted tomorrow and in the coming days.

P.S. – purchasing presale tickets from nin.com will generally be less expensive than from public outlets.

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